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122022-09-04End of summer tidy up
112022-06-23My tale of Nix
102022-06-12The Customer is always right, sometimes.
92022-06-09Doubts and fears linger, but diminished.
82022-03-21A long windy road of failures and successes.
72021-12-18Mass Effect
52021-09-19Ubisoft open world games are almost a genre onto themselves
42021-09-18Doubts and fears are wonderful, aren't they?
32021-08-25Git Crypto
22021-08-03Brendan's Flavor of Markdown
12021-07-24Hello world! (again)
02022-07-30Data is fragile
-12019-09-01My Mongodb upgrade, or not -ish
-22017-06-28The Unoffical BnS API
-32017-06-27Data Lookup in Excel
-52015-06-17Eventually everything comes to an end. Yet there is always something new.
-62015-05-061. Skillpoints, 2. Mystic Forge, 3. ???, 4. Profit!
-72015-04-24A recommendation on how to organise your Trading Post investments.
-82015-04-24Thoughts and reflections on hope.
-92015-04-14The Perils of being a sheep.
-102015-04-10Hello, I am Silver and this is my journey.
-112015-03-29Website on a student budget – Scrooge version
-122015-03-29And Hello to you too Reddit!
-132015-03-27"How are you, Silver Golden?"
-142015-03-13Silver’s Gw2spidy API Script v1.3
-152015-01-29Guild Wars 2 Spidy bulk script v1.2
-162015-01-29Oh the cliché!